‘UNO’ – Single Projector Stand


Height adjustable single mobile projector stand.

The Visionchart range of Projector stands ensures that your presentation will always be a success.

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Weight 25-35 kg

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  1. Stanley

    When I bought this stand I just admired the fact that it was assembled in a simple way. This makes it so easy for me to use it during lecture time. I noted that in the lecture halls I always have a table to place my laptop but not a bench for the projector and if present its position does not favor the presentations. This single projector stand allows for adjustment of the angle and height to suit the position of the whiteboard. I do not have to worry about the projector slipping and falling as the stand has a lip on top shelf prevents slipping. Though the stand is mobile, once I have set it in the right position for presentation I gag it using the locking castors. I do not have to worry of buying a new one in years to come as it is all metal hence durable. I highly recommend it!

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