Duo – Projector and laptop stand


Duo – Projector and laptop stand with 2 adjustable platforms for total presentation control.

Both platforms are height and angle adjustable from 810 to 1200mm.

Perforated steel centerpiece to help you with your next professional presentation. 

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Weight 25-35 kg

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  1. Jaclyn

    Am a professional motivational speaker with most of my time being spent in seminars, talks and workshops for different groups in varying venues. I always got into trouble since in some of the venues i do not have a good table to place the projector and laptop whereby I was forced to place books under the projector for it to work adequately. I bought this stand three months ago and I must confess that it is the best asset that I have acquired for my job. The Duo projector and laptop stand has two platforms that are adjustable for both height and angle that facilitates amazing presentation. It is mobile as it has plastic roller wheels hence I do not struggle setting the presentation. It is strong and durable as it is all metal with powder coated silver grey that makes it appear neat! The stand reinforces my identity as a professional.

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