Mitsubishi HC7800D Package – DLP Full HD 1500 ANSI + 3D with 3D emitter and 4 3D glasses


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With the HC7800D home theatre projector from Mitsubishi Electric, big screen 3D movies have never looked better. Powered by newly developed 3D glasses with a high-speed liquid-crystal shutter system, the HC7800D delivers high quality 3D performance as well as excellent 2D reproduction from Blu-Ray and HD-TV sources.


High-speed Liquid-crystal Shutter 3D Glasses

Mitsubishi Electric has developed 3D glasses specifically for the HC7800D with a high-speed liquid-crystal shutter system to deliver the optimum 3D viewing performance. Designed to match the high-speed response of elements in the HC7800D’s DLP engine, these glasses ensure minimal crosstalk, or “ghosting” during 3D playback, minimal judder in fast moving scenes, and also maintain the brightness of the projector image when viewing 3D.


Newly Developed Proprietary 3D Glasses

High Precision 2D-3D Conversion

Enjoy your favourite classic films like never before with the HC7800D’s built-in 2D-3D conversion feature. Unlike other simpler 2D-3D conversion methods where the entire screen is shifted to produce the 3D effect, the HC7800D uses motion-vector analysis technology for more accurate 3D conversion. Using this technology, the position of a person or object is distinguished from the background, then a moderate parralax is added to produce a natural sensation of depth.

Common 3D conversion                                            Poor 3D effect

HC7800D 3D Conversion                                          3D image with natural depth sensation

Variable Iris for a High Contrast Ratio up to 100,000:1

The HC7800D features an optimal iris shape and linear motor which offer high speed transitions between light and dark images, providing faithful reproduction of scene sequences in your favourite high-definition films or TV shows.

HC7800D Variable Iris

High 1500 ANSI Lumen Brightness

In addition to the new variable iris, the HC7800D includes a high powered lamp for enhanced image brightness and control. Both 2D and 3D images appear clearer, sharper and more vivid.

HC7800D Lamp

High Performance Extra-Low Dispersion Lens

The HC7800D is equipped with an extra-low dispersion (ED) lens system comprised of 13 lenses in 4 groups. Compared to commonly used glass lenses, this system keeps chromatic abberation to a minimum with improved image sharpness right to the edges of the screen.


Independent Colour Management Function

The HC7800D allows for the independent Hue, Saturation and Brightness adjustment of  the R(red), G(green), B(blue), C(cyan), M(magenta) and Y(yellow) colours. It’s also possible to set all the other colours to monotone when adjusting a specific colour, making it easier to tune colours to your preference.

HC7800D Individual Colour Adjustment

High-Quality Cinema Colour Filter

The HC7800D uses the same colour filter as the HC9000D, for a wider colour range and better reproduction of greens and cyans.

Built in Frame Rate Converter (FRC) Chip

By sampling previous and succeeding image frames, the HC7800D is able to create the optimal number of frames depending on the content being reproduced. This image interpolation results in the playback of fast moving images that are free of blurring.

RS232C & LAN Control

For remote managment and control of the projector from a third party system .

Product Specs

Display technology 0.65″ 1-Chip DMD , 12deg.LVDS , DarkChip3 , DDP3021 x 2
Resolution 1920 x 1080 (Total 2,073,600 pixels)
Brightness (maximum) 1500 ANSI lumens
Contrast 100,000 : 1  (on/off) with Variable IRIS  
Focus/Zoom Manual Focus & Zoom Lens(Zoom Ratio 1.5:1) ,with Zoom Trigger
 Projection Lens f = 20.6 ~30.1 mm  (3.1-4.6m@100″)
Picture Size 50″ ~ 300″ (Diagonal)
Source lamp** 240W : (Shut Off Time 3000 Hrs) in Normal Mode;
(190W : Shut Off Time 5000 Hrs) in Low Mode
Computer compatibility

640 x480(Expand)  – 1920 x 1080(Real) – 1600 x 1200 (Compressed)

Sync On Green available

Video compatibility Component Video ; 480i/p(525i/p), 576i/p(625i/p), 720p(750p 50/60Hz), 1080i(1125i 50/60Hz), 1080p(1125p 24/50/60Hz), (1080i(1250i 50Hz) is not available)
PC input terminals Mini D-Sub 15pin x 1
Video input terminals HDMI v1.4 (3D, Deep Colour) x 2, Component RCA (Y,PB,PR) x 1
Output Terminals Trigger Out; Stereo Mini Jack x 2, 3D Emitter;  Mini DIN 5pin x 1
Communication terminals RS232C; D-Sub 9pin x 1 (Direct command is available.); LAN(RJ-45) ; x 1 (Projector control)
Fan noise 23dBA (Lamp low mode)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 396(W)×142(H)×328(D) mm (excluding height adjuster)
Weight 5.6 kg
Power Consumption 370W/3.7A
Power supply AC 100 – 240 V, 50/60Hz
Optional accessories Optional Lamp (VLT-HC7800LP); 3D Glasses(EY-3DGS-78U)
Included accessories Power Cord x 1; Remote Control (with Batteries); VGA Cable x 1; Safety Manual; User Manual CD-ROM; 3D Emitter x 1; Emitter Cable x 1; Lens Cap; Lamp Replacement Tool


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