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With its dual-lamp DLP™ design, the WD8200U from Mitsubishi Electric has been engineered to provide superior performance and reliability. Capable of delivering fantastic wide-screen presentations with an amazing 6500 ANSI lumen brightness, the WD8200U is designed for use in large areas such as churches or conference halls

Ultra-bright 6500 lumens

Thanks to its dual-lamp design, the WD8200U is capable of displaying images at a brilliant 6500 ANSI lumens. This level of brightness is essential for displaying in large areas such as conference halls, or where there is a large amount of ambient light (e.g., airports)

Super Resolution Technology

This innovative processing algorithm has been designed in-house by Mitsubishi Electric. The technology analyses blurred components of low resolution images, then estimates how a high resolution version of the images would appear and corrects them for fine, detailed reproduction quality.


Original Image                                                      Image processed by Super Resolution

Lamp Relay Mode

For installations where the projector is run continuously for long periods of time, the Lamp Relay function can be used to alternately rest each lamp for a set period of time. This allows for non-stop functionality, while at the same time prolonging the life of each lamp.

Heat-Pipe Cooling System

The heat-pipe cooling system has a number of advantages over liquid cooling systems. The system does not require power meaning lower energy costs, no moving parts means quieter projector operation, and with no liquid required there is no chance of spill damage.

Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter

Utilising the same technology found in Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioners, the self-cleaning filter prevents dust build-up in the radiator of the heat-pipe cooling system of the WD8200U, saving on maintenance downtime and ensuring trouble free use for extended periods.

Lamp Life up to 4000 hours

Designed with optimum lamp temperature control, each lamp in the WD8200U has a life of up to 4000 hours*. This greatly reduces the overall cost of ownership, as the projector will require fewer lamp changes over the long run.

Network connectivity for remote access and control

The WD8200U is equipped with an RJ45 Ethernet connection, providing an A/V manager with the ease and convenience of remote monitoring and management. When used with Crestron® software, integrated control of up to 250 projectors is possible. The WD8200U is also compatible with AMX Device Discovery and PJLink™ software.



Natural Colour Matrix

In addition to conventional red (R), green (G) and blue (B) colour gradations, the intermediate colours of yellow (Y), magenta (M) and cyan (C) can each be controlled independently.

Quiet 28dBA operation

With a low fan noise of just 28dBA in low lamp mode, the WD8200U gives your audience presentations free of any noise distraction from the projector.

Geometric Correction

The WD8200U includes several different methods for correcting image geometry. Keystone correction fixes trapezoidal distortion, Cornerstone correction fixes diagonal distortion and Curved Surface correction allows for images to be portrayed accurately on curved or round surfaces such as pillars.

Curved Projection

Edge Blending and Colour Matching

Edge Blending and Colour Matching allows users to create seamless images when using multiple projectors side-by-side to create a single large image.

Product Specs

Display technology

0.65″ 1-Chip DMD, 12deg.LVDS, Dark Chip 2(TM) with DDP3020

Resolution 1280 x 800 (Total 1,024,000 pixels)

Brightness (Maximum)

Dual Lamp: 6500 lumens; Single Lamp: 3250 lumens


2000 : 1

Colour wheel

5 seg.Colour Wheel (R/G/B/W/Y) , 2x speed


Powered Focus & Zoom (Zoom Ratio 1.35:1)

Projection Lens

f=24.5-33.1mm , F=2.0-2.4  3.8m@100″(Wide)

Off set axis

10 : 0 (default) with Variable H+V Powered Lens Shift (Excluding OL-XD2000FR)

Hd*=0.30m up – 0.67m down @100″ from lens shift 10 : 0

Wd=+/-0.20m @100″ (+/-10% of Image Width)

 Source lamp*  Shut Off Time: Dual Normal Mode 2000Hrs with Low Mode 4000Hrs; Single Normal Mode 4000Hrs with Low Mode 8000Hrs  @Lamp Relay Mode

Computer compatibility

Resolution ; 640 x 400 (Expand) – 1280 x 800 (Real) – 1920 x 1200 (Compress), Sync on Green available

Video compatibility

NTSC / NTSC 4.43 / PAL (including PAL-M, N) / SECAM / PAL-60
480i/p(525i/p), 576i/p(625i/p), 720p(750p 50/60Hz), 1080i(1125i 50/60Hz), 
1080p(1125p 50/60Hz), (1080i(1250i 50Hz) is not available) 
SCART (RGB + 1V sync, only Mini D-Sub 15pin Terminal)

PC input terminals


5 BNC x 1, Mini D-Sub 15pin x 1; DVI-D(with HDCP) x 1;

Audio: N/A

Video input terminals


Composite RCA (BNC) x 1, (2)S-VIDEO (4pin) x 1 

Audio: N/A

Output Terminals



Communication terminals


LAN(RJ-45) ; x 1 (Projector control)

RS-232C ; D-Sub 9pin IN (Direct command is available.)

RS-232C ; D-Sub 9pin OUT (Direct command is available.)

Wired remote (IN) ; x 1 (f3.5mm Stereo mini jack )

Wired remote (OUT) : x 1 (f3.5mm Stereo mini jack )

Remote D-Sub 9-pin (female) x 1

Scanning Rate

[H]15 – 100 kHz; [V]50 – 95 Hz; [Dot clock] max.162 MHz

Fan noise

28dBA (Lamp low mode)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

490W) x 201(H) x 421(D) mm (including detachable terminal cover)


16.0 kg

Power Consumption


0.3W in Standby Mode (2W when connected to a network via LAN)

Power supply

AC 100 – 240 V, 50/60Hz

Optional lamp


 Optional Accessories

5 types Changeable Projection Lens (OL-XD2000SZ / OL-XD2000LZ / OL-XD2000TZ / OL-XD2000FR / OL-XD8000UZ

Changeable Colour Wheel of Rich Colour Reproduction Type ,CW-FC2 (6seg , R/G/B/C/Y/M)

Included accessories

 AC Power Cable  :2.9m x 1

RGB cable :1.8m x1

RS-232C cable :1.8m  x 1

Remote unit (incl. battery) x 1

Terminal Cover x 1

User Manual (CD-ROM) : Eng / Fra / Ger / Spa / Ita / Chi/ Por

Safety Manual : Eng / Fra / Ger / Spa / Ita / Chi/ Kor / Por / Rus(incl. explanation for Quick Start)

Mitsubishi logo badge x 1

Labels for ceiling installation x 3


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