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WolfVision’s P Series Visualizers are renowned as the Ultimate High End units on the market since the early 1990s. The unique light system of the P Series models greatly improves the overall picture quality, especially when working with 3-dimensional objects. It allows for shadow free illumination, illumination of hollow objects and exceptional depth of focus.

The latest Models VZ-P18 and VZ-P38 are reaching new heights with a redesigned housing and a touch screen remote control with integrated control monitor.

Product Features

Technology Progressive Scan 
Camera  3-CCD 1/3″ 
Pictures per second (as picked up by the camera)  30 frames (in all resolutions) 
Effective Pixel (=pixels actually used for image information)  3 x 1280 x 960 (=3,686,400) 
Total pixels of CCD(s) 3,960,000 
Pixels processed per second (=effective pixels x frames per second) 110,592,000 
Live to Freeze comparison (Picture in Picture) yes (still image is a small picture, integrated into the large live image) 
Power Point integration (with connected PC) Cross-fading between Visualizer and Power Point Images and Picture in Picture 
Warranty 5 years


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