Plus M18W Two Screen COLOUR Electronic Whiteboard


  • Two screen COLOUR electronic copyboard
  • One-touch COLOUR print or save to USB
  • Magnetic whiteboard surface
  • Simple to use  –  plug and play – No software to install!
  • Made in Japan
  • Ink Jet colour printer supplied
  • Wall mount brackets

** Floor stand optional extra

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Plus M18W Two Screen COLOUR Electronic Whiteboard

The Plus M18W Electronic Whiteboard is the widescreen version of the Plus electronic dual-screen board, making it one of the best electronic whiteboards for business environments.


Featuring a front-mounted USB port, the M18W allows users to save their work digitally as color image files onto a USB drive or connect straight to a PC to view and save content.


A built-in inkjet printer also lets users directly print their work, meaning it can be shared instantly.

40% thiner
Light board easily moveable
Save to USB
Simple to use
Save to USB
One touch COLOUR print
Plus Electronic Copyboards

Additional information

Weight 60-80 kg
Dimensions 130 × 90 cm


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