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240 Watts RMS output into 4 ohms or 25/70/100 volt with configurable transformer (internal), 6 mic and 4 line inputs.

The increase in demand for higher quality mixed impedance output amplifiers for general installer applications has instigated the launch of Cloud Electronics new MPA Series

6 line + 4 microphone inputs into a single zone with configurable 25/70 or 100V internal transformer plus the industry standard wall mount remote controllers (RL1 & RSL6) make the MPA Series the most flexible and reliable installer amps in the market.


6 line inputs, stereo inputs summed to mono
Line inputs via RCA phonos with input gain controls
adjacent to connectors
Source select via front panel rotary selector or
remote via RSL6
Line input level via front panel control or remotely via
RL1 or RSL6
Line 6 priority selectable by internal jumper, release time 3s/6s/12s selectable by internal jumper
Music EQ by tamperproof LF and HF presets on rear panel
4 Mic inputs, low impedance balanced via phoenix
style connectors
Microphone EQ by tamperpoof LF and HF presets on
rear panel
100Hz High Pass dedicated filter on Mic inputs
Phantom power selected by internal jumper for
each microphone
Limiter dedicated to microphone inputs
Mic 1 has access triggered priority over Mics 2-4
All Mics have VOX priority over music signals,
providing 30dB of attenuation
Integrated chime triggered by access control of Mic 1
Compatible with EQ Cards
Remote Music Mute configurable for NO or NC operation
Overall “Peak Limiter” with LED indication on front panel


RL-1 & RL-1A Remote Music Level Control
RSL-6 Remote Music Source Select
XLRF1 Female XLR Input Module
XLRM1 Male XLR Input Module
BOSE Loudspeaker EQ Card
EQ Cards for Amina AIWX & LFiT Loudspeakers
RSL-6B Remote Source / Volume Level Select Plate in Black
RSL-6W Remote Source / Volume Level Select Plate in White
RL-1B Remote Volume Level Control Plate in Black
RL-1W Remote Volume Level Control Plate in White
RL-1MW Remote Volume Level Media Control Plate in White
PM1 Paging Microphones


Line Inputs:

Frequency Response: 20Hz +0dB -1dB, 63Hz -3dB
3rd order filter, selectable by jumper
20kHz -1dB low impedance output
20kHz -2dB 100/70/25V line outputs
Distortion: <0.03% low impedance output <0.04% 25/70/100v outputs @ 1khz 1db below full power 80khz bandwidth sensitivity: 195mv (-12dbu) to 2v (+8dbu) input gain control: 20db range impedance: 47k½ headroom:>-20dB
Noise: -90dBr 22kHz bandwidth, 0dB input, Relative to full power output
Equalisation: HF: ±10dB/10kHz, LF: ±10dB/50Hz

Microphone Inputs:

Frequency Response: 100Hz / -3dB(3rd order filter)
20kHz +0, -1dB low impedance output
20kHz -2dB 100/70/25V line outputs
Distortion: <0.03% @ 1khz -1db below full power 80khz bandwidth gain range: 10db - 50db input impedance:>2k½ (balanced)
Phantom Power: +15V (PCB jumper for on/off)
Headroom: >20dB
Input Noise: -127dB EIN 22Hz – 22kHz (150½)
Equalisation: HF: ±10dB/5kHz, LF: ±10dB/100Hz

Power Output:

240Watts, any output @1kHz, <0.07%thd+n

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