Lumens CL510 Ceiling Visualiser


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Lumens’ first Full HD 1080p Ceiling Visualiser will not only save space of your desktop, when fitted into the ceiling or mounted on camera tripod. CL510 camera is equipped with a professional image sensor with high sensitivity for brightness and sharpness, and its low noise and vivid colour reproduction is second to none, even in a low light environment, still clearly delivering a live image without any reflection or noise. The CL510 uses the latest PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology without external

Product Features

l   Full HD 1080p high definition output resolution

l   One button optimization function

l   Intelligent time stamp on saved files

l   High-definition USB image transmission in real time

l   Plug & Play, no need to install USB driver

l   Customized video splash screen

l   Projector type (DLP/LCD) select mode

l   Free multi-functional cross platform software support

l   Compatible with all major IWB brands


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