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Simultaneously recharge and sync 32 iPads.

As strong advocates of educational innovation through technology, it should come as no surprise that Wilson & Gilkes have brought to life a newly designed and Australian made iPad trolley that allows for convenient and safe use of iPads in classrooms nationwide.

Introducing I’m Safe, the intelligent new iPad trolley by Gilkon.

Product Features

Intelligent one-touch iPad recharge & sync

• The unique Intelligent one-touch iPad recharge & sync
feature of the I’m Safe iPad trolley removes the need to
wait for recharge before performing sync.

• Features an external charging and sync indicator light.

• Timer controlled charging reduces iPad power consumption and carbon emissions.

• Prevents overheating and overcharging of iPads.
Quick and easy iPad storage

• Ergonomically designed drawers for easy
storage and quick accessibility.

• iPads can be accessed from gliding drawers.

• Removable baskets of eight iPads can be taken

to groups of students for easy and safe lessons.
Fully enclosed protection

• The I’m Safe iPad trolley features a heavy-duty
chassis and fully welded storage bay for ultra
strong protection and years of continual use.

• The contemporary styled cabinet is a feature
of any classroom and also shields the iPads.

• Prevents tampering and environmental
damage such as dust, spilled uids etc.
Heavy-duty security

• The I’m Safe iPad trolley features low prole, heavy duty
latches on access doors with tamper resistant covers.

• Quality keyed locks on iPad drawers.

• A specially designed lockable work space
for the computer used to sync the iPads.
Advanced electrical safety

• The I’m safe iPad trolley features includes patented
Eco System V3.0 with reverse EMF protection.

• Built-in power supply for easy
access to iPad power adaptors.

• Detachable power cord for easy replacement and
compliance to OH&S requirements if damaged.
Effortless mobility

• Large puncture proof super soft rear wheels
on the I’m Safe iPad trolley make
it easier to navigate rough surfaces.

• The compact and mobile design of the
I’m Safe iPad trolley makes it easy to share
one unit between multiple classrooms.

• Lockable swivel castors as standard inclusions.

• I’m Safe iPad trolley offer a small
footprint to conserve oor space.
Eco-friendly nishing

• The I’m Safe iPad trolley is nished using
eco-friendly powder coating which is lead free.
Powder coating is the classroom safe nishing
process with no dangerous fumes.

• All Gilkon laptop security cabinets and trolleys
include a timer to preserve electricity and provide
better value for the user over the life of product.
There are no lead solder joints in the timer system.
Delivered fully assembled

• This is a security product and it is our belief that the
assembly of these products is an important part of the
quality process to ensure that the security objectives
are achieved. To this end, the I’m Safe iPad trolley is
delivered fully assembled to ensure that the nal product
complies with the requirements.

• Includes safety brakes on castors


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