Gilkon 14 Bay PC Wall Vault


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Storage bays hold up to 14 Large Laptops or Ultra Portable Notebook Computers.

Product Specs

– Ergonomically designed for easy laptop storage
and quick accessibility.

– Horizontal storage reduces wear on laptops from
sliding and tilting.

– Optional vertical storage compartments are

– Protective steel side panels to shield laptops.

– Prevents tampering and environmental damage
such as dust, spilled fluids etc.

– Heavy duty latches on access door with tamper
resistant covers.

– Greater level of security through 3-point locking
system and fewer leverage points.

– Tubular steel frame ensures cabinet cannot be
twisted to pop doors open.

– Includes patented Eco System V3.0 with reverse
EMF protection.

– Built in power supply for easy access to laptop
power cords.

– Detachable power cord for easy replacement and
compliance to OH&S requirements if damaged.

– Timer controlled charging reduces power
consumption and carbon emissions.

– Prevents overheating and overcharging of laptop

– The entire range of Lock & Dock laptop trolleys
are finished using eco-friendly powder coating
which is lead free. Powder coating is the
classroom safe finishing process with no
dangerous fumes.

– All Gilkon laptop security cabinets and trolleys
include a timer to preserve electricity and provide
better value for the user over the life of the
product. There are no lead solder joints in the
timer system.

– This is a security product and it is our belief that
the assembly of these products is an important
part of the quality process to ensure that the
security objectives are achieved. To this end, all
Gilkon security products are delivered fully
assembled to ensure that the final product
complies with the requirements.

– The entire range of Lock & Dock laptop trolleys
and laptop cabinets are available in a range of
Healthy Choice colours which utilise eco-friendly
powder coating technology.

– Colours include Cherry, Apple, Blueberry, Lemon
& Original Silver.



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