• MP3 recorder player with Bluetooth receiver function.
  • Able to record and read MP3 files on the USB and SD card.
  • Clear and intuitive LCD display for easy operation and quick set-up.
  • Selectable repeat and play modes.
  • Remote control for more setting convenience.
  • Individual power/volume control for MP3 and Bluetooth.



Model DPRB-600M
Supply voltage 12V 30mA
Dimensions 160 x 68.3 x 90 mm
Weight 134 g
MP3 recorder
Audio output 0dB±1.5dB (1KHz Sine Wave,0dB MP3)
Frequency response 50Hz-20KHz±3dB
Power supply DC12V
File format MP3, WAV, WMA
Recordable MP3
Storage system format FAT, FAT32
Acceptable storage device USB, SD
Bluetooth receiver
Audio Stereo in, mono out
Indicator Red LED: scan, Green LED: lock.
Not paired→both flashes alternatively. Paired→green flashes.
Standard Bluetooth 3.0, Class 2
Capability Bluetooth 2.1+RED and Bluetooth 2.0,1.2 and 1.1
Frequency 2.4~2.48GHz
Modulation GFSK, 3Mbps
Sensitivity -90dBm at 0.1%BER
Profiles A2DP 1.2


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