DM4X4 Dante® With 4 Input and Output Expansion Card


Dante® expansion card for use with the IS series of power amplifiers.


Provides 4 inputs channels from a Dante network which can be routed to any amplifier output channel. In addition, 4 Dante® outputs channels are available to route any analogue inputs back on to the network.


Note: Due to restrictions in the Dante solution, the DM4x4 only supports 2 transmit and 2 receive flows (A flow can contain up to 4 audio channels). This means that the Dante audio connected must be in one of the following modes.
• 1 device containing 4 audio streams
• 2 devices containing 2 audio streams
It does not support 4 devices containing 1 audio stream (This would need 4 flows).
This restriction applies to both receive and transmits directions.



DM4X4 Dante® With 4 Input and Output Expansion Card

Dante® Expansion Card
4 Input, 4 Output


The DM4x4 module is very simply installed into a compatible product.
Simply remove the rear expansion slot blanking plate, connect the internal ribbon cable to the module and attach the two mounting screws.



Expand the capabilities of ISP amplifiers with the optional DM4x4 Module.
The DM4x4 provides 4 Dante™ Input channels and 4 output channels.


4 Dante® output channels provide a powerful capability to transmit audio mixer channels to other Dante® enabled products on the network.


Configure the Dante® network using the Dante® Controller software from Audinate.
Simply connect the DM4x4 module to the network and it will appear on the Dante® controller under available devices.
Using the controller software connect the ISP amplifier inputs and outputs to other available devices on the Dante® network.

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