Commercial ‘Combo’ Board 1200 x 900mm


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Commercial ‘Combo’ Board

  • Space saving solution .. whiteboard and corkboard in one!
  • Write on-wipe off magnetic whiteboard
  • Plush 8mm thick pinnable Bioboard
  • Aluminium frame with colour coded corner caps
  • Magnets and push pins supplied
  • 300mm aluminium pentray supplied
  • Standard wall fittings supplied

1 review for Commercial ‘Combo’ Board 1200 x 900mm

  1. Kelvin

    I own a business that has huge customer traffic and I needed several boards to fix some important information that the customers should have. This board came in handy for daily announcements to our clients. I bought one board for a trial and it gave me amazing results…. it is exactly what we needed! It serves two purposes since it is both a whiteboard and a corkboard at the same time. Thus, we can write important information or fix printed materials on it using the magnets and push pins. We did not have to struggle mounting it as it comes with wall fittings on delivery. It is smart to be displayed in public domain since it has aluminum frame which has color coded corners. It does not occupy a large space hence economical for our commercial premises. I have ordered three more to cover the strategic areas of our business.

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