Chiayo iTalk With Rechargeable Batteries & Head-Worn Mic


This powerful voice projection unit is a great choice for applications such as small group teaching, product demonstrations, small guided tour groups, and general voice reinforcement. Its sleek design fits comfortably either around your waist or slung over your shoulder and can also accept a line-level input into the 3.5mm jack for playing music.



Chiayo iTalk With Rechargeable Batteries & Head-Worn Mic

iTalk, Premium personal portable PA (voice reinforcement system) with charger, rechargeable batteries & head-worn mic, line input, 10w output

A simple yet effective way to reinforce your voice in the classroom, during product demonstrations, and any application where small group address is needed without yelling!

The jack input that is used for the standard head-worn microphone input can also be used as a line-level input for music playback devices such as MP3 players!


You can option your iTalk with any of the following options:

  • 1 x Spare power supply to suit the Chiayo iTalk
  • 1 x Spare head-worn mic to suit Chiayo iTalk (3.5mm connector)

Additional information

Weight 5-20 kg

Black, White


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