ABI JY-130B Visualizer


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High resolution, capable and well priced!
With 10.3 megapixels, a patented LED lighting system, and
many useful features, the IMAGE JY-130B is a capable and
versatile presentation tool that represents outstanding value.
High quality images of prints, documents, transparencies
and three dimensional objects can be captured, stored,
manipulated, and output to a variety of image devices

Product Specs

„ Automatic focus
„ Adjustable colour
„ Adjustable brightness
„ Image capture
„ Image mirror
„ Image freeze
„ Image invert (negative/positive)
„ Captured image comparison
„ Text mode for display of printed material
„ Variable point focus for 3D objects
„ Zoom control to match image size and object size
„ VGA Output to PC, projector, LCD TV/Plasma and display devices
„ Video switching function – 2 x video in / 1 x video out


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