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Transform your teaching with the
standard-setting DC162, the first portable
SXGA visual presenter in the market
with 3X optical zoom and automatic
focus. Capturing 66 percent more detail
compared to XGA presenters, the DC162
represents unquestionably the highest
output and capture resolution with the
lowest price point in portable visual
presenters today.
The DC162 offers impeccable image
quality, out-of-the-box ease of use, and an
unmatched price. And at a mere 4.85 lbs.,
you can move or transport it just about
anywhere, single-handedly. Its small, 7 x 5
inch footprint means you don’t have to set
aside additional desk space, and its remote
control puts its feature set at your fingertips
for total flexibility.

Key Features

SXGA Resolution: The DC162 represents the first SXGA portable
visual presenter on the market. This means it has the highest output
and capture resolution (1280 x 1024 pixels) of any portable visual
presenter. It captures 66 percent more detail compared to (1024 x
768 pixels) XGA presenters in this class and does so at an appealing pricepoint.

3X Optical Zoom: The DC162 offers 3X optical zoom, the highest,
true magnification rate for a portable visual presenter. Once a
subject is zoomed in, the camera system brings the subject into
sharp focus, automatically.

Split Screen: The DC162 is the first portable visual presenter to
offer the split-screen feature. With it, you can concurrently present a
previously captured image stored in the camera’s internal memory
(a blank worksheet for example) and a real-time image (the same
worksheet with the answers being filled in on-screen) side-by-side.

Seamless Switch: When toggling from multiple sources (for
instance teachers often like to display a real-time image from a
visual presenter and compare that to a previously saved picture from
a laptop) the DC162 offers instantaneous switchovers, meaning the
audience won’t see the disruptive default blue screen of a projector
or monitor while the projector finds the input source. This helps
hold audience attention.

Flexible Gooseneck Design: Allows the lens and lamp heads to
independently rotate 360 degrees, capturing images at any angle.
You can even point it toward a student to project his face onto a
screen as he makes his presentation to the class.

Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty: Lumens offers the most
comprehensive warranty in the industry, covering all parts including
lamps, for five years. We are able to offer this because Lumens has
a less than 1 percent failure rate over the last five years. This
translates to little-to-no post-purchase maintenance costs for
schools purchasing the DC162.


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