Move over Electronic Whiteboards, there’s a new player in town

Panasonic TH-65LFB70W 65″ Touchscreen

The TH-65LFB70W is the new innovative LED touchscreen TV designed by Panasonic to revolutionise the way organisations run their business meetings. With advanced touchscreen capabilities, in-built wireless, and on-screen sharing features, the Panasonic touchscreen is already becoming a key component in meeting rooms across the globe.

The whiteboard

Using a single hand or a special pen, users can turn pages, zoom in and out, focus, draw and write on all types of content without the use of a remote control. The whiteboard can understand four different commands and once allowing multiple users to be working at the same time. Packed with the latest technology, the TH-65LFB70W can make even the most complex of tasks look easy. Pages can be saved in different file formats including PowerPoint, PDF, and various image file types including JPEG. Users can then e-mail documents directly from the touchscreen or download them to USB or an external device. The whiteboard acts as a standalone product and does not require to be attached to a PC or laptop.

Write over anything

Whether you need to write over a picture, document or moving video, with the TH-80LFB70W that is now possible. Simply plug-in an external device, then select the relevant content you require and start writing, it’s as simple as that. Videos can be stopped at a particular frame where users can take a screen shot then annotate over that one frame. Files will be saved as new to keep the originals intact. With the ability to edit almost anything, work productivity during meetings will be taken to the next level.

Create and share

Creating pages and sharing files have never been simpler, users can create more than 100 pieces of work that can be saved to an external device, or onto the in-built memory system.

Wireless with Miracast

The TH-80LFB70W has its own wireless network card that allows you to connect to other devices including PCs, laptops, mobile and tablet devices. Sending documents to the touchscreen couldn’t be easier, and what’s more, no cables are required! The touchscreen uses the new Miracast protocol, which can handle the passing of images, audio files, and full HD videos without the need for any complicated systems or special training.

The features of the Panasonic TH-80LFB70W are endless, this piece of kit also includes:

iOS compatible: All Apple products can be used with the touchscreen.

Scratch-resistant glass: The glass used has been specially reinforced, designed to absorb large amounts of pressure and stay unmarked.

Screen sharing: Users can connect the touchscreen with 16 other devices simultaneously including PCs, laptops, mobile and large screen projectors

Brand friendly: external devices are not required to be Panasonic, the TH-80LFB70W is designed to work with almost all other brands straight out the box.

The TH-80LFB70W might just look like your average TV on the outside, but the components on the inside make it one of the most powerful touchscreen TVs on the planet. Already being adopted by many businesses worldwide, a board or meeting room is not complete without its own TH-80LFB70W on the wall.

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