Elegant height adjustable lectern or laptop stand

Adjustable Height Lecterns also know as Portable Lecterns

Elegant height adjustable lectern or laptop stand

Adjustable Height Lecterns also know as Portable Lecterns

The Tall And Short Of It All…

Adjustable Height Lecterns also know as Portable Lecterns

The world of Lecterns and Podiums is evolving and you can have those stylish, remarkable and elegant pieces that make your home, office, school or conferences stand out from the crowd. With amazing range of adjustable height lecterns and tons of outstanding choices like metal aluminium, acrylic or wooden lecterns, you can have wonderful portable lectern options at your fingertips.

Let’s dig a little deeper, and start with the history of it and then we’ll discuss about the several options for you.

About 500,000 years ago, during the Lower Paleolithic Period, an adventurous homo erectus decided that he wanted to tell his friends about his recent baboon-hunting trip. Members of his clan gathered around him to hear him speak. Gor Grognak had maps, drawings, and notes detailing how his clan could survive the current draught. There was only one problem: Gor kept dropping all of his presentation materials.  Soon, everyone lost interest as Gor had to stop speaking and pick his notes up off of the cave floor.  “Darn,” he thought, “I wish someone would invent something we could use when speaking that would allow us to read from our notes.” Sadly, that wouldn’t happen for another 450,000 years.

Not only did humankind figure out that it needed something called a lectern, it needed them in different sizes and types. We all come in different sizes. Not surprisingly, lecterns are adjustable to different heights. There are tabletop lecterns, folding lecterns, even portable lecterns.

Here is a review of some of the more popular adjustable height lecterns we sell, and the amazing benefits of each adjustable height lectern.  

VLECTDTTO Timber Desktop Lecterns

A good example of a “timber” desktop is the VLECTDTTO Timber Desktop (Oak) Adjustable Lectern. It’s marvelous in its simplicity. The unit does as its name implies. It sits on a desktop.  The wood “desk” area comes finished with oak or jarra finishes. For those of you unfamiliar with jarra, it’s also known as eucalyptus marginata, but his friends just call him jarra. Jarra wood is much darker than the oak.

The lectern desktop is spacious: 50cm wide x 40cm deep. The bottom edge of the desktop features something that should be mandatory for every lectern; a retaining edge that will keep papers and pencils from rolling off onto the floor.

This timber desktop adjustable height lectern features a rugged powder coated stand that features a sturdy “H”-bar base that prevents unintentional tipping. The base is height adjustable, allowing the lectern to be used for a variety of purposes.

VLECT Podium

adjustable height lecternIt should be noted that there is a subtle difference between a lectern and a podium. Going back to the root Greek words, lecterns are stands from which someone reads something. A podium is a platform upon which someone stands.  Think of an orchestra conductor. This being said, sometimes the names are interchangeable.

So it is with the portable VLECT Podium. Even though there is no platform to stand on, its size and jarra wood finish make it quite imposing. The height can be adjusted from 1200 mm to 1500 mm. The wooden top measures 550 mm wide and 440 mm deep.  And yes, it also features a retaining ledge. The “H”-bar base is powder coated for stability and style. This is a foldable, adjustable height lectern that allows for easy storage.

AL20 Student Portable Lectern

adjustable height lecternA true lectern, the AL20 is the perfect size for presentations. It features a light oak top that is sturdy enough for a laptop.  An extra high ledge on the edge of the top helps assure that there will be no catastrophic slides of a computer off of the lectern.  The height of this lectern is adjustable from 68 cm to 93 cm and is easily accomplished with a screw knob on the post. The lectern top measures 52 cm W by 42 cm D. The “X” – shaped base provides added stability. The AL20 is easily portable, lightweight, and sets up in minutes.


  Portable Lectern

Adjustable Height Lectern Portable LecternThis is a true portable lectern.  It is also extremely versatile. The unit’s center column features a pneumatic gas-filled tube that allows for fingertip height adjustments.  The top of this folding lectern can be tilted from a completely flat position to an upright position of 90 degrees. This can be very useful if the presentation goes badly and the speaker needs shelter.

 This lectern can extend from a height of 76 cm to 110 cm. The beech wood finished top measures 70 cm W by 51.2 cm D. The steel stand has a white powder coat finish. Perhaps one of the greatest features of this unit is that it is truly a portable, adjustable height lectern.  It quickly folds flat, and built-in castors and a handle allow you to easily pull it along with you as you head for your next presentation.

Breakroom BRT 800

Adjustable Height LecternThis is an extremely versatile foldable lectern. Its four lockable wheels make it a portable lectern. Its 800 mm circular top makes it an ideal desktop lectern. A pneumatic gas lift in the center post can easily move the top from 688 mm to 1058 mm, making it useful as a working sit-down desktop, or as a standing discussion/presentation lectern.

 The “X” shaped arrangement of the base legs provides outstanding stability. The castors can be quickly unlocked, allowing the lectern to be easily moved. The base and center post are powder coated ivory steel.

Lectern/Desk BRL100

Adjustable Height LecternThis is a truly versatile adjustable height lectern. It is a foldable lectern that allows someone to use it as a personal desk, or as a portable lectern. With its top folded flat, it can be used by a student as a small desk for note taking or for exams. It could even be used as a rolling TV tray.

The tabletop is a large 650 mm W by 400 mm D. The height is easily adjusted from 750 mm to 1120 mm with the touch of a fingertip. The tabletop can be adjusted to lie flat, or angled for presentations. And yes, this desktop lectern has a retaining ridge that will keep your fish and chips from sliding onto the floor.

This has been a quick review of adjustable height lecterns.  They all share some of the same characteristics. They are portable, they provide a desktop, and they are foldable for easy storage.  Whether you need one for taking an exam, or one to help you present your ideas for world peace to a full auditorium, you will find one to fit your needs. If you’d like to find out the difference between a lectern and podium, click here.

We offer premium products that are easily transportable and we even customise it to your needs. If you want a lectern in a hurry, don’t hesitate to use our extra fast delivery of 1-3 days. If you want to customise it, just upload your logo, select the features you want to add and place your order. Your satisfaction is our first priority and we’ll make sure you get the best products possible. Please browse our Products section and select the adjustable height lectern that perfectly suits your requirements, or just contact us and we’ll create a customized one for you.

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