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Panasonic UB5365A & UB5865A


Panasonic UB5365A and UB5865A Electronic Whiteboards

The release of two new Electronic Whiteboards by Panasonic has introdocued a new level of competition into the Electronic Whiteboard market.
The new panaboards, the UB5365A and the UB5865A, are everything a meeting room could possibly need to take the difficulty and hassle out of meetings. 
Both these Electronic Whiteboards come standard with a built-in printer as well as a USB input so saving, sharing or printing notes and presentations is as easy as pushing a button.
Along with this, the new look and feel of the Panasonic UB5365A and UB5865A Electronic Whiteboards screams elegance and sophisitication, so as to not make an unattractive addition to any office space or meeting room.
Another new and key feature of these innovative whiteboards is the incorporation of Panaboard Overlayer Software. This allows you to utilise a projector to display information or an image straight from your PC onto the whiteboard while also writing notes on the board. When the meeting is finished, you can save the handwritten notes from the board straight to a PC, which can then be merged with the projected image displayed from the PC as a PDF or TIFF file. Creating the ultimate meeting room addition.

As a special 'introductory' sale, Audio Visual Sales will offer both the Panasonic UB5365a and the UB5865A Elecrtonic Whiteboards at a discounted price for a limited time only. So get in quick before time runs out. 

Panasonic UB5365A Electronic Whiteboard

Panasonic UB5865A Electronic Whiteboard