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Panasonic UB-5338C & UB-5838C

Both the UB-5338C and the UB-5838C Electronic Whiteboards have become increasingly popular among our corporate clients as well as schools due to the sophistication and functionality these whiteboards creates within a business or schooling environment. It’s the type of whiteboard that anybody could use to easily save, share or communicate presentations with its USB and SD [...]

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Panasonic UB-5315 & UB-5815

With technology always advancing, so too is the Electronic Whiteboard range, with Panasonic due to release updated versions of the popular UB-5315 and UB-5815 Panaboards within the coming months. As it stands, both the UB-5315 and the UB-5815 come with a built-in printer, allowing you to print your presentations direct from the whiteboard, 2 screens for [...]

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