About Us

Established 2005

Since 2005 we have been selling a range of specialised audiovisual equipment to every business sector, from a custom-built lectern to an audio installation and Silver Water Jail. We always help find the best solution for our customer's needs and budgets.

Brand & Equipment

IHAV only sells brands that have been tested and proven. We hate to sell cheap equipment that won't last long. When in a live or business environment you need reliable equipment, some of our amplifiers have been installed for over 15 years.

Head office located at Gladeville HQ  23/25 Higginbotham Rd Gladesville 2111 NSW Ph 1300 669 235 E sales@audiovisualsales.com.au

We are Conducting Stocktake

Please email us at: sales@audiovisualsales.com.au